Attending the Holiday Work Party

Gender Confirmation Surgery Glendale, CAWork events make many of us nervous. We have to be on our best behavior, but there’s alcohol and delicious food around tempting us. And don’t even get us started on awkward games and gift exchanges that challenge our ability to hold a straight face. But, attending your holiday work party is an important part of business, so keep reading for some tips on how to successfully manage your holiday party.

It may look bad to skip your holiday party, so it’s important to look like a team player and go, even if you don’t really want to. Keep your career moving forward and rub shoulders with your peers for a few hours.

If you’re nervous about attending your holiday party because you’re transitioning, or just uncomfortable around your coworkers, now is a great time to practice getting out there. One thing that may help you feel more comfortable is choosing your guest wisely. Regardless of orientation, we all need to be careful when we invite friends or significant others to a work function. Some people don’t have a filter and will tell everyone embarrassing stories, while other people may drink too much and…

If you’re not concerned about embarrassing stories or sloppy partners, that’s a relief. But you still may worry about who you’re inviting and how you should introduce them to your peers. Introducing your guest may cause you some anxiety, so it doesn’t hurt to practice before you arrive. Be confident in yourself and who you’re bringing. Fumbling for words when you’re asked to introduce your guest may lead you to feel frustrated, leading to a less than ideal party atmosphere.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can offer is consider who you’re bringing. After that, it doesn’t hurt to talk to them about expectations and warnings. Avoiding people you know to be problematic will ensure you have a great time.

Introducing yourself to new people may surprise you. Who knew that the woman in Accounting was actually a blast to hang out with? Making new acquaintances at work can help you move forward in your career, too, as many business decisions are made off of popularity or other intangible qualities (as much as we hate to admit it).

Overall, it’s important to be yourself and stay comfortable. Have a great time and enjoy getting to know your coworkers!

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